Jing Shi Yu 静思语


“要期许自己是能救人的人, 而非一味地求佛感应”
lebih baik memohon agar diri kita dapat menolong orang lain dibanding memohon kepada Buddha agar permintaan kita dikabulkan
~108 kata perenungan~
“It is better for us to pray that may contribute to help others than to ask Buddha to fulfill our desires”
~jing shi yu~


The truth of suffering

The world is full of suffering.
Birth is suffering,
Old age is suffering,
Sickness is suffering,
Death are sufferings.
To meet a person whom one hates is suffering,
To be separated from beloved ones is suffering,
To be vainly struggling to satisfy one’s needs is suffering,
In fact, life that is not free from desire and passion is always involved with distress.
And this is called the TRUTH OF SUFFERING.
The cause of human suffering is undoubtedly found in the thirsts of the physical body and the illusions of worldly passion. If this thirst and illusion is traced to their source, they Are found to be rooted in the intense desire of physical instincts. Thus, desire, having strong will-to-live as its basis, seeks that which it feels desirable, even if sometimes death.
If desire, which lies at the root of all human passion, can be removed, then passion will die out and human suffering will be ended.
“A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ”
                                                ~ John Steinbeck~


A Beggar’s Chant

“My ten fingers down
with my head on the ground
at your passing feet
give me some coins please
pity me too weak to rise
pity me lost in misery
wife and children sickly weary
starving on tears
give me and old rag
    even that will do
          even that will do
me a stray bird
come to town from Suphan
my accent’s funny
but don’t spurn me
oh you who dress so pretty
keep this beggar alive
give half a cup of rice
half a hand of bananas
make merit for once
and win my thanks forever
        now and forever
              now and forever
lazy we were not
servile we were not
we tilled and ploughed
we farmed the land
and reaped the debts
the rich are big brothers
we owe money we the dogs
our tongues hang out
our bellies rumble
rice farmers begging rice from others
         can anyone understand
               can anyone understand
we beg we lose honor
become rubbish stricken despised
we beg we pant we pine
while the pain stabs our bellies
our children amoaning
asobbing agroaning
we look for coins, our tears blind our eyes
we fall we die
         the beggars’ caravan moving
from rice fields to streets
the dead are buried the living go hungry
every hair of the body cries aloud
         they no not of hunger
their wide world’s all smiles
their heads are high their bellies bloated their feet frail
their children in money aplenty
their skin very thick
they toil very hard
they plough and press and pluck
and spread all over the town
          they mow you down who dare to rise
they tame you into pets
they make turns coming on top
they have fame and craving for more
they beg and threat and squeeze
they take and grab and rant and lust
they talk low think low and act low
my friends you very well know
           who they are
                 who they are”